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Enlisting Virtual Reality to Ease Real Pain

July 12, 2017

Putting on VR goggles and virtually swimming with dolphins can ease some patients’ pain, new research shows. Hospitals across the country are giving VR a try. Originally posted in the Wall Street Journal. Read the original article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/enlisting-virtual-reality-to-ease-real-pain-1499869442?mod=nwsrl_health_wellness

For a Child Getting Chemo, Virtual Reality Games at Hospital Can Feel Like Disney

May 26, 2017

Seth Oliva, 8, is playing a virtual reality game that takes him inside the human body while getting cancer treatment at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood.  Seth Oliva’s favorite virtual reality simulation game takes him through the human body,…

Here’s Why Arianna Huffington Is Calm When Falling 500 Feet

May 02, 2017

Unlike most people, Arianna Huffington was relatively unfazed when asked to step off the ledge of a 500-foot building, albeit a virtual one. At Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego on Tuesday, the media mogul served as a guinea pig in a demonstration…

Could Virtual Reality Ease Labor Pains?

January 30, 2017

One woman wore a virtual reality headset during labor transporting her to a tropical location while she was pushing. Could this be the future of giving birth? ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks pregnant model and actress Molly Sims if she considered…

Better Than Opioids? Virtual Reality Could Be Your Next Painkiller

July 21, 2016

In one study, virtual reality did about as well as narcotics in reducing pain.   Originally posted in the MIT Technology Review. Read the original article: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/601911/better-than-opioids-virtual-reality-could-be-your-next-painkiller/